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Superheroes Always Fight Back ... or Do They? - Book

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"This book could open conversations of understanding between readers and their caregivers."--School Library Journal

Arthur dreams of being a mega-fast and strong superhero with the ability to fight and banish the baddie next door. But when Grandpa explains that the best superheroes actually save the day by being kind, Arthur realises that we all have a superpower inside and that an act of kindness, no matter how small, really can change the world.

Using lively rhyming text and a fun cast of characters, Superheroes Always Fight Back ...Or Do They? highlights how kindness truly is the most amazing superpower of all.

From the note by Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Lauren Callaghan:

Kindness is one of the fundamental pillars of happiness. Kind acts have the potential to make people happy and encourage further acts of kindness. It's a lovely circle and shows just how powerful and infectious kindness can be.

Superheroes Always Fight Back . . . Or Do They? highlights this power to a young audience in a fun way. It playfully teaches how the best way to "fight back" is by doing something positive, such as being friendly or generous--and that even though we can't control what other people do, we can control our response. It's a reminder, too, that bullying and worries shouldn't be dealt with alone and that telling a trusted grown-up is important.