By Re-Play

Utensil Set

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These colorful forks and spoons are perfect for little ones learning to feed themselves. Spoons with a deep scoop and forks with durable, rounded tips are just some of the features that will benefit your hungry toddler. Not only are they better for your child, they are better for your environment! USA FDA-approved recycled plastic. Dishwasher safe. Perfect size for toddlers. Durable and lightweight. Tested for safety. Made in the USA.

  • Contoured edges clean up messy faces in a breeze

  • Gentle on the mouth and gums, tough against little teeth

  • Dishwasher safe

  • PVC, BPA and phthalate free


  1. Each spoon Approx 14cm long


  1. USA FDA-Approved BPA-Free Plastic from Recycled Milk Containers

Great care was taken when designing the utensils to make them as easy as possible for small hands to use. Their shape and size make them easy to hold. The spoons are deep enough to allow food to reach the child's mouth, rather than spill back onto the plate. The forks have teeth which are sufficiently long to spear food but not so long that they become fragile. Similarly, the teeth are wide enough to make them strong so they won’t break.


Each set comes with 1x Fork and 1x Spoon.

  1. Due to the nature of colourant used- there are colour runs, specks and dark patches of pigment throughout the dinnerware range.