By Sunnyo

Fam Bam SPF 50 Sunscreen

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Why you need Fam Bam Sunscreen

Manufactured and retailed here in Queensland, we know how much of a scorcher the sun is on our skin and we’ve got only the best sunscreen for your kiddos & bubbos (even the parentos can participate!). All the ingredients are ethically sourced, are certified vegan, 100% organic, 40 minutes water resistant and made right here in the extra sunny Australia.


What’s in a bottle of Fam Bam Sunscreen

The Fam Bam Sunscreen is a physical based TGA approved sunscreen product. Made SPF50, it contains the active mineral ingredient non-nano Zinc Oxide. You won’t be lying to your kids when you tell them it’s putting super powers on your skin to reflect UV rays! In fact, Zinc Oxide is known for skin-healing properties, making it a no brainer purchase for those with sensitive skin.

Other important ingredients in this bottle of sun safety are Oat Kernel Flour & Calendula Extract. 

Oat Kernel Flour makes a perfect pal to zinc (who is a little more oily in nature), it helps mattify the skin. The cherry on top is that the ingredient is soothing, moisturising, an anti-inflammatory and are rich in antioxidants. 

Calendula Extract is another powerful antioxidant that protects skin cells, soothes skin and promotes healing and anti-aging - gotta keep the kiddos skin youthful under that ripper of a sun!


Aside from the ingredients, is there anything else that makes it free from nasties?

Yep! Aside from being 100% organic, vegan certified and a physical-based, au naturel sunscreen that's perfect for the whole fam bam. It is also free from preservatives, parabens, nano-particles, phthalate, silicon, fragrances and titanium dioxide - all the free words you want to hear and assured of to be reef safe!