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An ABC of Families - Abbey Williams

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An ABC of Families introduces children to the wonderful diversity of family life, using bright, engaging illustrations to explain how every family is unique in its own way.

A is for Adoption, B is for Blended family, C is for Co-parenting… An ABC of Families celebrates families in every single shape and size, no matter what they look like or whom they include. Whether you have two dads, an adopted brother, three stepsisters or divorced parents, every family is the perfect family. With clear, simple explanations and bright and engaging artwork, this important book helps the youngest children explore complicated concepts in an accessible, fun and memorable way.

  • Opens up a whole world of family life to children, celebrating our similarities and our differences.
  • Quirky artwork from Paulina Morgan illustrates simple explainers from Abbey Williams, making learning fun.
  • Board book format means children will love exploring this book on their own or with someone to read it to them.

An ABC of Families is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to teach children about all different kinds of families, at home and in the wider world.

About the Author

Abbey Williams is a child behaviour health therapist, mum and host and producer of the podcast Mimosas With Moms. She created her podcast to support, connect and empower other parents. Today, listeners from all over the world listen in to learn new parenting ideas in a judgement free zone.

About the Illustrator

Paulina Morgan works as an independent illustrator based in Santiago de Chile. She studied design before moving to Barcelona, Spain to obtain her masters degree in Art Direction. She worked in advertising before deciding to pursue her passion for illustration.