• Reusable Food Pouches 80ml; Sharks (10 pack) - Sinchies

Reusable Food Pouches 80ml; Sharks (10 pack) - Sinchies


The 80ml reusable spout pouch is the perfect serve size of yoghurt and baby food for the weaning stage!

These pouches cut food costs, encourage healthy eating, reduce waste, and provide a fun and clean way to feed your children homemade goodness, whether you’re at home, school. kindy or out and about.

Sinchies are all transparent which is a must so you can see if they are clean. They’re so versatile, and even beyond kids they have so many uses. Suitable for all sorts of baby foods, smoothies, fruit crushers, yoghurt, jelly, custard as well as other purposes such as travel toiletries, energy gels, sauces or salad dressings.

No bowl or spoon needed, although we do have awesome screw on spoons for the weaning stage, and a brilliant less mess silicone lid which definitely helps those independent kiddies! This lid does exactly what it says – my little man uses his in the car and even at his most rough and tumble, maybe only a little drop escapes.

Capacity: 80ml
Width: 9cm
Height: 19cm (including spout)