• Pixie Dust; Lemon Sorbet - Messy Mania

Pixie Dust; Lemon Sorbet - Messy Mania


Want to add a little magic to your sensory play set ups? Our Pixie Dust bases do exactly that. These magical, cool to touch, fluffy, sensory bases are the perfect addition for your little one’s play. Pixie Dust has many benefits to children’s play, including supporting fine-motor skills, introducing new sensations and expanding their imagination.

Simply add a bit of water and watch your pixie dust come to life.

Our Pixie dust comes in 6 different colours and is non-toxic and bio-degradable. Each 30g bag of pixie dust will expand to approximately 1.5L of pixie dust.

Note: whilst this product is non-toxic do not consume or inhale. Constant adult supervision is required. Not recommended for children under 3.