• Nature's Child Amber Necklace
  • Nature's Child Amber Necklace

Nature's Child Amber Necklace


This Amber Necklace for Babies is 100% Genuine Baltic Amber. A baby wearing amber is a statement of environmental and health consciousness in our times. Parents and babies just love these and it is rare to see a baby not wearing a amber necklace or amber bracelet/anklet.

Many parents claim that their child is calmer, cries less and seems to experience less teething discomfort when they have been wearing an amber bead necklace. These claims are energetic rather than scientific and we suggest you read the history of amber below if you wish to know more about this.

We have two colour options for you to choose from. Mixed is the multi colour and Cognac is the single colour, dark honey look which is very popular.


set on an average length of 33cm.

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