By Scrunch

Crocodile Jug

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The Scrunch Crocodile looks fabulous and has a detailed design. Children also find it easy to hold by the tail. The perfect size for kids to fill it up and then pour the water in the moat, the bucket or over dad! (not mum.)

One of the best things about playing with water is simply pouring it.

Watching water in motion is pure magic in the eyes of many young children.

Made from silicone, thus making it easy to clean/keep free of dirt, and of course it scrunchable for easy transport to and from the beach.

100% silicone, Eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable and can go in the dishwasher if it needs a wash.

When completely full croc can carry 250ml.

Choose your colour.

Size: 18 x 10 cm