Make me iconic- Christmas decorations


We got tired of hanging snowmen or snow angles on our Christmas tree. So we made these iconic Australian glass Christmas ornaments that will look great on any tree or Christmas display.
There are five ornaments to decorate with:  iconic treat (fairy bread), iconic ute with tree (notice how there is no snow covering the tree), iconic Lamington, iconic surfboard, and iconic Cockatoo. Have a wonderful warm Christmas with these.
Sorry - but this item cannot be shipped overseas from us, due to the fragile material it is made from.
Not suitable for children.
Made of glass, paint and glitter
Kit includes: x1 fairy bread, x1 ute (with tree - no snow), x1 Lamington, x1 surfboard and x1 Cockatoo
20cm (L) x 10cm (W) Box
Comes packaged in a beautiful cardboard box
This is NOT a pretend play toy or to be used as a toy.