Top 4 FREE Teething Hacks for Babies and their Mumma's

Whether you're a first time mum or a mother of ten, it's never easy watching your baby on their teething journey. From dribble rash to nappy rash, flushed cheeks, temperatures and sleepless nights, you'd give anything to take the pain away. While we don't claim to be miracle workers, we have compiled a short list of our go-to Teething Hacks. Along with your Indera Beads products, these will help to bring some relief to your little one's gums.

1) Frozen Face washer

Yep its that easy! and If I can make a recommendation, try and find a face washer that is exactly like a towel! the more fluff the better. Rinse under the tap and place in the freezer for around 5-10 minutes as we won't  it to be completely freezing the face washer but just cold enough that its stiff. Hand to your Teething babe and watch the steam rise after extinguishing those fiery gums.

2) Frozen Bananas

Of course this will be when your baby has started solids and it may very well be a great introduction to the world of food. Find yourself a nice ripe banana and place it in the freezer skin and all. You want to leave it in for around the same time as the face washer so between 5-10 minutes to get a nice chill. Hand to your baby and watch them discover the new textures and tastes. Your baby already eating solids? peel the frozen banana and you have got yourself a very happy baby.

3) Gum Rub

Now this one may not be as fun for Mum and Dad or maybe you can palm this job off to the "favourite Aunty" haha but a nice clean chewable finger to rub down on the squeaky gums. Yep you are going to give your child a good ol gum rub and like a scratch behind the ear for a dog your babe will be asking for more.. and not in the way of words but a polite scream followed by a content relief when those gums are attended to.

4) Cold Spoon

It goes without saying that your baby is after both soft and hard  things to chew on and the cold spoon is great for also discovering smooth edges. I recommend placing the spoon in the FRIDGE only as we don't want to freeze the spoon. Place in the fridge for 5-10 minutes until chilled and give to your teething toddler. I suggest having your child in a heigh chair for this teething aid so your babe doesn't wonder off with the spoon but if your child is already eating solids maybe even adding some puree and let them feed themselves whilst chomping down on that nice cold spoon would be so much for them and their new found skill of holding a spoon.


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