The Indera.Journal with Larissa from Page and Pine



After following Jeremy and Larissa since before my son was born, i have grown to fall in love with not only their product but both of these wonderful souls. Both Jeremy and Larissa ooze (thats right ooze!) LOVE.... just have a read to see just what im talking about!




What made you decide to open your own business?

I was working as a freelance filmmaker and not loving it. I knew I loved being creative, but didnt like people telling me exactly what they wanted the films to be. I needed more room to breathe than that. My sister had a baby girl and I made a mobile for her nursery. It was hand sewn out of felt, and when my friends saw it they said You could sell these at markets! That got me thinking about other creative possibilities for work. So I started researching baby mobiles online to see what was out there. We saw some laser cut ones, and Jeremy said Hey, why dont we just buy a laser cutter and make our own? Thats how it started! He was towards the end of his engineering degree, had about one year left. We started Page and Pine and by the end of his degree we were both able to work at Page and Pine full time together! We feel really blessed.

What helps you prepare for the week with a busy business and homelife?

When Im well organised, I get all my meal prep done on Monday. I cook for about 3 hours and cook in bulk, so for the rest of the week we have super healthy meals that are quick and easy to throw together. We also do all our admin work on Mondays, and dont usually turn on any tools until Tuesday. This helps us get our heads clear and able to focus on what we need to do for the rest of the week. But in all honesty, were not that busy. Weve learned how to work in batches, so we can get all our orders done quite quickly these days. We try to keep our personal lives free from too many commitments so that we have time and space to relax, spend quality time with family and friends, and do things we love. I love the idea of NOT being busy, so we aim for that. Some seasons of work are really full on, but we are learning to balance them better.

Each year that passes we all learn. So how has growing older changed the way you work?

Were still learning how to find the right work balance. It’s really easy to get caught up on social media and spend hours at a time there, instead of getting more important things done. This is a struggle for me, but I’ve learned to have a healthier relationship with it these days. I try to limit myself to just 3 sessions a day, which sounds like a lot but when you run a business online there are higher demands on that area. We also work a lot better together now than we did at the start. We have clear roles in our business and know who's responsible for what. That has helped so much! And helps us be more productive.

How do you balance everyday life and having a full time at home business?

 Haha! I have to laugh at this one, because we used to be TERRIBLE at it. We lived in a tiny one bedroom, open-plan living flat. It was a beautiful spot in the rainforest, but it was small. As our business grew, it overtook our living space until we even gave away all of our lounges and furniture to make room for the business! Even through that crazy time though, we did keep our bedroom as our haven. We never brought business stuff in there, and that helped us take a break from it all. But as soon as we’d walk out of our bedroom, business would be everywhere! Now, thank God, we’re renting a 2 bedroom house with a tiny workshop area, so we have an office space and a space for our tools. At the end of the day, we walk out of those spaces and close the door! Then we don’t look at business stuff until the next day when we start work. It has literally changed our lives! I’d recommend that to anyone starting a business - make sure you have a separate space for it that you can close a door on. Otherwise it’s hard to ever stop thinking about work!

Why did you choose wood? How did you both come up with the idea to get creative with ‘Pine’ and are just so darn good at it?

Well thanks so much for the compliment! We love wood. We love nature, we love natural elements in the home. My dad and his dad were builders and I grew up with them always building the homes we lived in. There were always scrap bits of wood and nails that we were allowed to play with and create stuff with as kids. Wed make cubbies, decor anything really! Jeremy and his dad were also really hands on and loved projects, so it was a common love. We researched and tried lots of different types of wood until we found the best quality, sustainable timber we couldIt’s absolutely beautiful, and sometimes I find pieces that I love so much that I keep them for us and don’t make them into products!

Through your social media and website its very clear that you value a woman’s self-worth. Can you tell our readers why every Woman needs to know there worth and why this is important?

 I absolutely do! Were Christians, and believe that our self worth as humans (both men and women) come from God because were created on purpose and for a purpose. People find self-worth in a lot of places, but mine comes from my Creator. It’s important to know how valuable we are (again, both men and women!), how we are different from others, what makes us unique and special, and why we should love ourselves. If we know how valuable we are, we will expect that same treatment from others and will attract people in our lives that value us and treat us well.

How did you come up with the idea of your custom letter blocks?

We wanted to make beautiful wooden products that would not only look pretty, but also be able to be used, functional and played with. We’re minimalists so we dont like to clutter our home with just more stuff - we love things with many purposes!

What does the future hold for the Page and Pine?

Ah who knows! There are so many possibilities. Wed love to develop more Educational wooden toys for kids. There are so many cheap plastic toys out there, but people are coming back to the good old fashioned handmade wooden toys and we are thrilled! As our business grows, we are interested in having a smaller range of products and only selling things that are really popular and people love. That makes us happy!

Who inspires you?

Im really inspired by seeing mums running small businesses. I love the idea that I can have a family one day and still have my creative passion and purpose in work. One in particular is Jenna Kutcher - look her up! Ive also been really inspired by Jeremy, just learning more about him through this process. Were very different in terms of personalities and I love seeing the way his brain works and how its so different than me. It has opened my eyes to realise that people are all creative - just in their own, unique ways!

What’s your favourite quote?

Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will and You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Just for fun 
How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza?

I used to hate it - I thought fruit shouldn’t be on pizza! Then I grew up and now absolutely love it. Jeremy basically loves anything that is food so hes a solid yes!

Toilet paper: over or under?

Over for sure! There is no other way haha

If peanut butter weren’t called peanut butter, what would it be called?

Peanut paste? hah


so you see what i mean right? just two beautiful people doing life!!!! Thank you Larissa for being apart of this months Indera.Journal- you literally inspire me with EVERY instagram story, post and product you create.


NEXT MONTH- a super popular candle beauty that we cant get enough of!!! stay tuned.


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