Can you believe it!! its our SECOND Birthday for Indera.Beads.

Currently sitting here 2 days prior to our Birthday and as I type this I’m stopping, backspacing and starting again. I’m not usually one lost for words but I’m terrible at writing blogs I feel haha. I get so many ideas in my head of what to write about but I never know how to start it?!

Today I’m going to talk about how and why I started Indera.Beads

Back in 2016 I was a stay at home Mother to two beautiful boys aged 3 and the other just over a year old. I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to work for anyone else! It was the anxiety of being away from my children that scared me. How was I going to manage 2 kids, a full time job and a husband that was working 4:1 roster fifo (fly in fly out)?!!! It scared the crap out of me! Not that I really needed to work because my husbands wage made it possible for me to stay at home with our boys (the sacrifices of FIFO) but those Mum guilt feels got the better of me and I felt like I needed to being doing more, but for over a year and even before we had our second baby I wondered what this mystery job would be?!
                                  Indera.Beads Bronwyn Delaivuna children
- Ray & Mack- 

In February 2016 my husband and I decided to start trying for our 3rd baby, a couple of months past and nothing seemed to be happening.. I mean our first was almost instant and our second took only 4 or so months so when May came around although I wasn’t overly concerned, I was confused and needed to occupy my time before I drove myself insane from tracking my ovulation app!

So here I was early May and I had signed up to start my veterinary nursing course! I would have to travel over a hour away 2 days a week and I had to choose a daycare for my boys. I figured that if I did my course by the time we had our 3rd child I’d have something up my sleeve for when I decided to go back to work. Well! Bron definitely doesn’t do things by the book... or things that make sense altogether to be honest 😂😂 So on the day I was meant to pay my tuition fees I got myself an ABN.. crazy I know. You see in the back of my head I always wanted to run my own business actually it had been on my mind for well over 2 years and 1 failed attempt at a market stall selling succulents in teapots before they became all the rage on Pinterest haha but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. My theory was I wanted to create a product that would fit in a 500gram bag cause you know! Everyone hates high postage costs 😂😂😂 but also something handmade as I’ve always been the creative type. Right in the prime of early Motherhood I was wearing my silicone bead necklaces what felt like 24/7 because after countless broken necklaces (cheers kiddies) they weren’t only stylish but so practical for a Mum. After searching for nice designs on the World Wide Web to no such luck I thought stuff it! I’m going to make my own and this is when my mind started to go crazy! So rewind back to the day I ditched the Veterinary course. I don’t exactly remember what it was that made me change my mind, it may of been the guilt of putting my kids in daycare.. the thought of going back to school (always hated school) OR the fact I’d be doing what someone else tells me to do.. My star sign is Leo! i can’t help but being in charge haha. Like I said earlier I was so anxious about the thought of working for someone else so on that very day I decided to become my own boss and I gave myself 8 weeks to open my virtual doors! because I’m slightly OCD I thought the first day of the financial year seemed appropriate.
Indera.Beads Bronwyn Delaivuna
-Me, the person always behind the lense-

I was up past midnight most nights whilst being a fifo wife with 2 under 3 at home. Google and YouTube were my best friends and I lost count on the amount of blogs and tutorials I watched. I had zero business experience and my entire career life has been in management and sales so I just figured it would be sweet... nahhhh haha wow was I wrong. I did my first Beads order for $500 worth of stock and this is what was going to create a solid line of products for my wee little biz. I got a couple of friends to help me choose what will go on the site and what won’t. I started with 10 necklace designs and that was it.

July 1st 2016 came around a lot faster then I expected. In the lead up I got myself a Instagram page and started building some hype! It definitely helped when I launched cause after our virtual doors opened in a short 4 weeks we reached 1,000 followers and 100 orders. I couldn’t believe it! It took me by surprise cause people actually liked what I was creating ☺️ my next bead order saw me importing 11,000 Beads and then another 4,000 two weeks later. By this time I was still working out of a linen cupboard! Would you believe it 😂😂😂 we lived in a 3 bedroom home and the ENTIRE linen cupboard was owned by Indera.Beads haha my god I’m so happy I expanded to a studio.
Indera.Beads first bead order
- Indera.Beads FIRST Bead order-
        Indera.Beads first social media post
-Indera.Beads FIRST social media post (can't believe how bad quality this image is hahaha) Introducing our Abby Necklace which is still available today-
Indera.Beads first flatlay
-Indera.Beads FIRST flatlay attempt on social media-
Indera.Beads brittany noonan
-Indera.Beads FIRST social media Influencer Brittany Noonan-
From 4 weeks to 3 months I had to upgrade my website to a new more adaptable platform and I started my first business course with also Learning to collaborate and really getting to know my target market. I’d be lying if I said creating a website is easy.. in fact it’s pretty fucking hard 😂 actually a lot of the back end of business can be pretty fucking hard 😂😂😂 #keepingitreal but since 8 weeks before opening my business I’ve been surprising myself every single day and the day I launched my new website I got hooked on Analytics hahaha #lovemystats hahaha.

I look back now and wonder if I would have any advice for myself before I opened Indera.Beads and in all honesty probably not because every day I was learning something new. Some days I learnt good lessons and some days I had to learn the hard way from bad decisions. It’s definitely not all sunshine and rainbows, in fact this journey has been the wildest rollercoaster I’ve ever been on.
Indera.Beads bronwyn delaivuna social events
-Indera.Beads has been able to support local Sunshine Coast events through sponsorship ( and I got to enjoy the Moscato haha)-
Indera.Beads FIRST photo shoot
-Indera.Beads FIRST photo shoot-

One of those hard lessons I’ve had to learn has not only been biz related but also personally relatable and that is I’ve needed to learn PATIENCE. "Hi I’m Bronwyn 💁🏼and I’m the most IMPATIENT person you’ll ever meet!" hahah I’m the kinda gal who once I’ve made my mind up I want it now, not in a hour and definitely not tomorrow but now! So in a biz environment it’s just not the case. A couple of weeks back I opened up to you all about potentially closing up shop and as soon as I pressed the “post” button I had a twinge in my stomach. Deep down I knew I never wanted to close my doors but the flood of messages and orders I received just absolutely blew me away. I was given so much valuable advice to which I’ve taken all onboard and as a result WE ARE STAYING OPEN! God it feels so good to say it out loud. There has been way too much blood, sweat and tears put into this baby of mine to shut shop after a crappy month (see the impatience in me).

Remember earlier when I said that I needed something to distract me from going insane after watching my ovulation app like a hawk! Well this is where the patience comes into play again but now on a personal side.

2 years 5 months and 8 days we have been what I feel PATIENTLY trying to conceive our “3rd time lucky” as I like to call it, but who’s counting... 😒 My husband believes practice makes perfect 💁🏾😂 but honestly I know my future baby will be perfect anyway hahaha. My goodness I never thought I’d be one to have infertility issues! It still actually amazes me that we are still trying. But one thing that has truly helped me along the way is my baby Indera.Beads who I created with my own two hands. It may sound silly I know but starting a business has helped me personally in more ways then I can write about.
Indera.Beads family
-The Indera.Beads/Delaivuna Tribe aka MY BOYS.-

So with that being said my new word for the start of our next year in business and hopefully something I can reflect on when we turn 3 is the word PATIENCE! it resonates with me so much and maybe to you reading too.

Everything happens at the right time.     Indera.Beads quote
I want to say a massive THANK YOU for all your ongoing support whether that be personal or business nothing goes unnoticed over here. Indera.Beads wouldn’t be here without YOU 😘😘😘😘 #supportsmallbusiness
But I want to make a special mention to my AMAZING Husband Tony, because if it wasn't for him always believing in me I definitely wouldn't of had the courage to pull this 2 year gig off myself. Every crazy idea I have he fully supports, every shit day I have he picks me up and finally everyday he encourages me to keep going and for that I am the luckiest gal in the world. love you so much Tony xxxx
Indera.Beads Bronwyn and anthony delaivuna
-Myself and Tony attending Tony's sisters wedding last year-
Indera.Beads Bronwyn and anthony delaivuna
-Myself and Tony getting matching tattoos last year. We both got each others voice in a sound wave saying to each other "I fucking love you" cute hey hahah.-
      Indera.Beads Bronwyn and Anthony delaivuna
- Our 3rd year wedding anniversary this year at the exact spot we got married.-
-Thank you-

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