The Indera.Journal September 2018 edition

Over the last 8 weeks ( pretty much the same amount of time since I last did a blog post haha) I have been busy with not only my biz but I have been one of the newest members to join CrossFit Contessa on the Sunshine Coast! Between you and me, I've never been your hardcore workout girl! in fact I was content with just walking and the occasional pilates UNTIL I came across Mandi and her gym CrossFit Contessa.

Its wild because I was so nervous for my first, second and even third session and It took me a good 2 weeks to get into the swing of things but since joining it has well and truly opened my eyes with what my body is truly capable of, I mean I was pretty amazed when I pushed a baby out of my body too haha but these gains are an every day occurrence and it blows my mind. If you live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland you would know that our city is flowing with all types of fitness activities and I've tried many gyms in my 18 years on the coast but nothing has truly compared to the Contessa Gym and what Mandi has created.

I felt a big urge to interview Mandi for The Indera.Journal not only because she is a Mum and a #aussiebizbabe but she is such a down to earth inspiring Woman and can’t wait for you to get to know her better and feel inspired like I am by her on the daily.

So without further or do, This is Mandi.

Mandi (Amanda) is a Gorgeous strong Mama to Cali, Wife to her Husband Jordan and its a kick arse #aussiebizbabes at CrossFit Contessa which she has grown from scratch since 2014. Alongside working a full-time biz she is also a co-founder of The Boss Babes Network and only just recently co-hosted the annual Inaugural Boss Babes awards with Sammy which we were lucky enough to be a major sponsor for.

Below Mandi has kindly answered some questions to get to know her better but also I curated the questions to tailor us Mums! I mean how how does she do it? running a busy business and family whilst still having time to exercise?? get ready to be inspired.

What made you decide to open your own gym?

I have ALWAYS been "bossy". Since I was a little kid, I had adults telling me all over the place to stop being that way. I have also wanted to work for myself for as long as I can remember - because being bossy when you're not the boss kinda doesn't work! I've been a Personal Trainer since the age of 16. I started my career at Fernwood, I knew I wanted to work with women only, live on the Sunshine Coast and create a CrossFit affiliate - Three big ticks! :) I'm grateful everyday for achieving these things.

What helps you prepare for the week with a busy business and family?

My Husband and I spend Sunday evenings preparing our breakfast, lunches and dinner for the week ahead. Without this preparation, I would probably just eat peanut butter on rice cakes for every meal.. Not joking. We prep everything! We even separate our vitamins/supps into little containers for each day of the week! This takes approx 2 hours on a Sunday night. We listen to music, talk shit, teach Cali how to cook with us and play with her in between. A lot of people would look at this as a chore. It's honestly one of my favorite parts of the whole week. Family time.

Later that night I also go over my diary for the week. Make sure I know every appointment in there for the week ahead.

How has becoming a Mother changed the way you work?

I love this question because it's changed how I work - so much! I now work smarter, not just "all the time". When I work, I work. When it's my "Cali days", I spend time with her. When I train, I train. When I'm with my family, I'm with them 100%. I think about where I am and what I'm trying to achieve. I put my heart into whatever I'm doing - Wholeheartedly! Multi-tasking doesn't necessarily mean you're getting shit done, it could possibly mean you're just doing more at once, poorly.

Why is fitness so important? And do we need to exercise everyday?

Fitness is my "me time". My 1 hour, 5-6 days/week to not think about anything else - but me. It's my meditation, my way to self love. I train so I can be better at life, for longer. I want to run around with Cali when she has babies, and her babies have babies. I want to wipe my own a** until the day I die. Fitness isn't about looking good or being a certain size, sure those things are a bonus! The most important thing for me are the health benefits. Chronic disease is THE biggest problem and people are too worried about what they look like to even step foot in the gym? Who cares?! Just start moving for a better LIFE! (Sorry I get a bit passionate about this topic.)

I move everyday. CrossFit 5-6 days every week and on weekends I hang with my active, little fam. Lots of walks, mountain climbs, running around at the beach, parks.. It's so good to move. It's what our bodies are made to do! If you're just starting though, ease into it. 2 x week, then 3, 4, etc. Maybe 4 will suit you perfectly and that's totally cool too. :)

What are your 3 top exercises for New Mums postpartum?

Firstly, get clearance from our coach, Candice Lamb, at Contessa. She's also a physio at Sports & Spinal Maroochydore. Candice specialises in Pelvic Floor Physio. If you're not on the coast and can't see Candice, we highly recommend you get clearance from a pelvic floor physio prior to getting back into it.

After that, just get your butt into CrossFit Contessa! :) I honestly can't be limited to 3 exercises!! All I can say here is they need to strength train. It's so important for a healthy, long life!

What is your go to healthy snack for you and your daughter Cali?

We have a few! haha. Cali is an amazing little human that has fully just adapted to our nutrition and lifestyle habits. Our fav snacks are;

- Fresh blueberries
- Peanut butter on rice cakes
- Mixed nuts (her favs are cashews and pistachios!)
- Boiled eggs
- Apples

*This is no word of a lie. These are legit her fav snacks! haha!

What do you say when someone says “I don’t have time for the Gym” ?

Make time for your health or you best be making time to get sick.

Who inspires you?

My members. I have women who work 7 days/week to be able to provide for their families and still make time to train. I have women who struggle everyday with being single parents, victims of abuse, depression, postnatal depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, M.S, diabetes, long term (for life) injuries, 4 or more children + work, full time work + full time study + 3 children. The list goes on. These women inspire me every-damn-day with what they can do despite their current situations.

What’s the best advice you have given to someone?

BACK YO'SELF - If you don't why would anyone else?!


What’s the most ridiculous fact you know?

I couldn't think of one so I spent the last 20 minutes reading ridiculous facts on Google now I know too many.. Here's one; Women have twice as many pain receptors as men. But their pain threshold is much higher.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I eat at least a jar of peanut butter every week. Could you have guessed considering I mentioned peanut butter 3 times in this one article? #notevensorryboutit

Can't get enough of Mandi and want more?? haha seriously I sometimes feel like a groupie cause I just can’t get enough of her passion and drive! its seriously contagious and with that being said, If you live on the Sunshine Coast and want to see what this Crossfit thing is all about then come along and have a FREE trail at CrossFit Contessa! We can do a workout together if you want haha I love gym buddies but on a serious note and I’m pre-warning you, you may* become obsessed like me haha.

*You defiantly will become obsessed like me haha
Here is where you can find Mandi and CrossFit Contessa
Website HERE
Facebook HERE 
Instagram HERE

That is all for for The Indera.Journal today but in our next edition we talk all things Minimalist with the beautiful Carly from so stay tuned and if your aren’t already be sure to become a VIP here and be the first to be updated on Blogs, New products and Specials.

Thanks for reading and have an amazing day xxx


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