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Where do I begin with this beauty… Ok! lets start with how we met. INSTAGRAM! yep the world wide web is where I had the pleasure of meeting Sammy, the bubbly go getter! We just clicked, I mean I’m no make up expert and still to this day have no idea on how to apply makeup correctly haha but I’ve actually just recently bought a ticket to her October Girl Gang Workshop on the Sunshine Coast, QLD and I cannot wait! So! why did I ask Sammy to be featured on our #aussiebizbabes Indera.Journal Blog??? well because she is a kick arse Biz Mum and rocking at life. She is inspiring and preaches the word SELF CARE and I needed to share her vision with you all. Im so Happy to have Sammy on our blog today and I know you will all be able to take something inspiring from this interview.

So this is Sammy Kurtz, Biz Babe to Sammy Kurtz Makeup and Girl Gang Workshops, Mum to Brooklyn and partner to Chris. Nothing slows this girl down and her passion for uplifting Women on the daily is something she should be so proud of so without further or do, This is Sammy Kurtz.
sammy kurtz makeup

What made you decide to open your own business?
My son. It’s weird I think every business owner opens a business for that idea of freedom and flexibility, however I believe you work 10 x more when it’s for yourself 🙄. I’m very capable of working for others, but I’ve got a very bossy and controlling nature so it was bound to happen.
What helps you prepare for the week with a busy business and family? My weeks are different every single week, mainly due to the wide range of services I offer so it’s challenging. Some days I can start at 3/4am doing makeup for a photoshoot then the next I could be working until 8pm doing tans or lashes. However since having my son I just knew for him and I as a business owner routine is key. He is a very routine kid, which allows the weeks to run as smoothly as possible and for me to book in things around that. I’m also a massive list writer. I have a daily/weekly planner and I book EVERYTHING in, including down time with my son or my partner or my friends. I also don’t go into the next week without completing it all.
sammy kurtz makeup

How has becoming a Mother change the way you work? I work harder!! We are their everything. We are their role models. I think I have an amazing attitude and work ethic and I really want my son to notice that and have those traits to.

How do you balance #mumlife and having a full time at home business? Again I have a lot of lists. I can be very controlling and I need everything planned. It sounds sad but it works, you’ve gotta do what works. Some weeks I wouldn’t say I balance it all, some weeks my partner is pretty much a single parent while I run a business doing 4 different job descriptions but his support is crucial. Get a good support system around you. I definitely couldn’t do it without him.
sammy kurtz makeup

Why make up?
You tell me? I honestly never touched the stuff until I was 20. My mum is the biggest Tom boy ever and I think she has worn makeup 4 times in her life, so I wasn’t brought up with it. I HAD to learn a part of makeup in my fashion styling course and I remember begging my teacher to do something else, anything other than makeup. It intimidated me and I felt like it was a useless skill for me back then. Turns out I found it very therapeutic maybe because I had no pressure behind “being good at it”. I ended up the top of my class and I still remember my teacher saying if you don’t pursue styling I highly suggest you do makeup. It didn’t take long and I began getting booked for makeup jobs over styling jobs, and in true Sammy Kurtz form wanting to be the best at everything I went and paid another $15k to do a diploma and learn everything I could about it. Also I love making people feel good about themselves.
sammy kurtz makeup

I see you always sharing how important self care is and why it’s so important, can you tell our readers why every Woman needs this in their life?
Every man needs it to. We are number one. No one will love us or take care of us like us. Do not rely on anyone else for anything else. Self care makes us feel good right? So many people say their goal is to be happy. Well why aren’t they happy now? I’ll tell you one reason why, they aren’t taking care of themselves. Take ownership for feeling good. I’m also a massive believer in you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Why did you create The Girl Gang Workshops?
I suffered from PND after I had my son. I went from being a fit, healthy, independent, happy young girl to feeling like a prisoner in my own life. Everything was about this baby. I felt like I didn’t matter, or the things that mattered to me shouldn’t anymore. I attended a PND group and learnt a lot about other forms of PND, a lot of my clients are also mums. The amount of stories I hear from mums not being able to do anything for them because they don’t even have that support from their partners drives me wild. Also as women our self confidence takes a massive beating, and 10 x more after having a baby. So I just wanted to create a day where the women can come and let their hair down and dedicate a couple of hours just to them and learn some things to help them leave feeling better about themselves. I literally watch these women walk in and out of those doors 2 different versions of themselves.
sammy kurtz grilling workshops

What does the future hold for Sammy Kurtz Makeup and The Girl Gang Workshops?
I get butterflies at the thought of this. I have about 3 massive business ideas going on at the moment, but they are huge, I need to really draw up the business plans and think long and hard is this the road we want to go down. Let’s just say all 3 are things I haven’t done before. As for SAMMY KURTZ MAKEUP we are expanding, and looking at hiring staff which is exciting. As for the GIRL GANG the current plan is to take it around AUSTRALIA.
sammy kurtz girl gang workshops

Who inspires you?
So so so many people. But mainly me. I really do inspire myself daily, again being inspired can be an inside job. The reason I say myself is I want to inspire others. So why not inspire myself in the process.

What’s your favourite quote
I’m all about quotes I have so many I love.

Fav two right now :
Imitation is not a form of flattery
It’s a form of laziness

If you want to find the bad you will find it, same goes for the good

Just for fun 
How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza?
Fucking OATH
Can I swear here? If not let’s say 200% and extra pineapple at that

Toilet paper, over or under? You know what Bron I know how much this effects you. I would prefer over but I genuinely don’t care or notice 

If peanut butter wasn’t called peanut butter, what would it be called? Well crunchy is the end all and be all! So probably DREAMY CRUNCH


I mean.. how Inspiring is Sammy and hilarious of course hahaha. I want to personally thank Sammy for being part of our Blog today as I know she has one darn busy schedule but has still made time for my baby blog haha. If you want to come say hi to Sammy, get some make up tips or even come join one of her Girl Gang Workshops you can get all the information you need below.
Sammy Kurtz Makeup
Girl Gang Workshops

Until our next blog, Thank you for reading! I really hope you feel inspired by our #aussiebizbabes and if YOU would like to be featured please be sure to use our hashtag #aussiebizbabes .

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    Thank you Bron, yes she is my daughter and I’m massively proud of her. But thank you for sharing and letting people know more about her and her buisness. It’s wonderful people like yourself that gives these small buisness people another step up in life…

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