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I think its safe to say that the thought of returning back to work after maternity leave is nothing shy of DAUNTING!! I know I personally got so anxious at even the thought of going for an interview for a potential new job and was a big reason why I started my own Business, unfortunately some Mothers don’t have a choice and have to return as soon as possible. I have invited Sally Watson to our journal today to talk all things résumés for the mother that has to spruce up hers after Maternity leave! I will be linking a Blog HERE that will take you step by step on How to update your résumé after maternity leave and also Sally’s Top Tips for returning to work after maternity leave.

But before you race over to those blogs, Get to know Sally and what her and her business Focus Résumés is all about.

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When and why did you start Focus Résumés?

I started in April 2016, after returning to the corporate world the second time round (baby no.2 was 8 months), I found it extremely more difficult than when I went back the first time. I now had 2 kids in the daycare slump, whilst I battled horrendous traffic in the morning to always get to work (late!) And, my second daughter she didn’t sleep much at all. Sleep deprivation definitely did not help me in my corporate gig. I was the middle of the night or early hours in the morning, I was nursing my 1 year old in the middle of the night counting the broken hours of sleep to work out if I will be functioning that day or not. Scrolling Pinterest on my phone, I came across an article saying “What skills do you have to offer” I don’t think I even read the article I just began pondering my skills and realised what so many people ask me for help with already was their résumés, why not start charging for it. And that was when Focus Résumés was born.

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What does the future hold for Focus Résumés?

A couple of new offerings are in the woodworks to help me to be able to help more people in the time that I have. I am currently working on launching a service to equip my customers with the tools and know-how to do their résumé themselves, yet still have a professional to review the résumé and provide personalised feedback and advice what to add, delete, change etc. There is also a name change /alteration in the pipeline to encompass the full range of what I do (LinkedIn profiles, interview coaching and career coaching).


3. Favourite quote your business runs by.

“Live for now, plan for later” I have no idea if this is a quote or not but coming into 2018 I decided this is my mantra for me, my family and my biz. It’s my take on the old “work hard, play hard” saying and my addition to the Live for Now saying (as I could never do just that, I need to be working toward something). Planning for later, is about setting your goals and working toward them. So the quote is a mix of doing that and also giving yourself permission to enjoy the now and spend those precious moments with your loved ones.

quote #aussiebizbabes sally watson. indera.journal

From one amazing Biz to the next I want to introduce you to not only a friend of mine but the biggest Guru in the essential oils industry I’ve met! I knew Courtney from mutual friends years before we actually spoke to one another properly haha you know those people you know and you wave and say hi but not enough to spark up a conversation in woolies about how their second cousins going from their broken toe?!? hahaha (weird explanation I know) but you know what I mean.

Well this catch up was well over due and over quite a few champagnes and a massive grazing board platter we got off like a house on fire and there hasn’t been a week gone by since that we haven’t spoken over Instagram.

I invited Courtney over to present a doTERRA essentials oils class at my home and my eyes widened to a product that I personally never knew to that extent. My mind was blown and from that day on I have been hooked ever since and so will you.

Courtney has kindly answered a couple of questions about her and her new venture into the essential oils industry but has also kindly supplied some amazing recipes using the liquid gold.

If you are interested in getting to know more about essential oils you can find courtney here at her instagram account. @courtney_dow

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When did you start using essential oils?

Essential oils have always been a part of my life, going back to when I was just a little girl, putting cheap oils in a burner to make my room smell pretty. It wasn’t really until my pregnancy though that I explored essential oils with this level of purity and began to understand their incredible wellness benefits.

My pregnancy was tough. I was really sick for most of it and found myself bringing essential oils into my daily life for support. I used them in my labour, and throughout those early stages of motherhood almost religiously. They supported me through the emotional rollercoaster, and helped us through some tummy issues that my daughter experienced in her first few months. This was probably the point that I began to transition from a regular mum to the crazy oils lady, trying to splash potions on everyone in sight (don’t be scared, I won’t splash without permission).

Deciding to expand into the business side of essential oils happened quite organically. After the personal experiences I had, I naturally wanted to learn more and to start sharing my experiences and knowledge with other people, especially new mums. I’ve found that often as Mums, we are seeking natural solutions and better ways to support our families, and for me being able to provide that education and empowerment to women is so incredibly fulfilling. And so much fun!

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What does the future of selling oils hold for you?

The future for me is just to continue to share my love for essential oils and to help other families to change their lives the way we have. Although I am based on the Sunshine Coast, and hold most of my classes here, I am putting energy and resources into travelling interstate and creating online content to help reach and support women across Australia (and internationally – because WHY NOT!). I work hard, but I am so passionate about what I do and enjoy it every single day.

I am also incredibly grateful to have connected with women who have had similar incredible experiences with the oils and who have chosen to partner with me on the business side. Helping to nurture and support them in building their own doTERRA business is a big part of what I do now too. It’s really beautiful to be able to share this biz space with other incredible women, especially for Mums who want to be able to work with freedom and flexibility and of course, to be home with their kids.

Favourite quote to live by?

“Empowered women empower women.”

courtney dow essential oils. indera.journal

courtney dow essential oils. indera.journal


Last but certainly not least I want to introduce to you Susanna from Tuutu and her incredible idea to bring baby boxes to Australia.


The Tuutu Baby Box is inspired by the Finnish Government maternity package, which is gifted to every expectant mother in Finland. The box is filled with the essentials every new parent needs; 95% choose the box over the money option offered ($220AUD). Running since 1938, Finland has given out more than 3 million boxes in total, and more than 40,000 boxes annually! The focus on quality necessities and providing a safe sleeping space is why it continues to be such a successful program.

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Like most Finns, I started my life sleeping in the baby box. We are so very proud of this Finnish invention and its ability to ensure the health, wellbeing, and safety of newborns and their mothers. Everyone deserves an equal start in life, and the baby box helps to make that possible. During my transition into parenthood, I realised that there was nothing similar available in Australia. All new parents should have easy access to baby essentials, and so the Tuutu Baby Box was born. The Tuutu Baby Box is filled with newborn essentials from well-known Australian brands to ease tyour transition into parenthood.

Now that you know about Tutuu’s Baby boxes, Now meet Susanna.

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1.When and why did you start Tuutu

We launched 2016 August our online store however we started planning December 2015. It feels like long time ago. We started Tuutu as there was no Finnish Baby Boxes available in Australia by any supplier. I wanted to have one for my son when he was born in 2012 and thought of having this sustainable safe sleep space available for other parents stayed with me.

2.What does Tuutu’s future hold ?

We are looking to bring new prints out for the box, we are also looking limited edition boxes that have different items in it. We have just launched Zip Pay and are looking to add AfterPay for our customers.

3. Favourite quote your business runs by?

If you can do it today why wait for tomorrow.



indera.journal. thats a wrap

Like always I am forever blown away and inspired with the amazing Women I’m surrounded by through Instagram. If you want to continue to follow the journeys of these amazing #aussiebizbabes be sure to head over to that hashtag and press follow! you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you to Sally, Courtney and Susanna for taking the time to be apart of our Indera.Journal and opening the eyes to Women to let them know anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it.

Until the Next Indera.Journal Thank You for joining us.

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