The Indera Journal - March 2018

The Indera.Journal

Well hello! its me, Bronwyn! the person behind the brand Indera.Beads! Seeing as though our last blog post was back in mid 2017 I felt it was a bit... ok ALOT overdue to get back into the blogging scene but heres the thing! I am putting a little twist on things! So with that being said.

WELCOME -The Indera.Journal-

A new monthly segment that will dive deep into not only Indera.Beads and whats going on here but we have been approaching local Aussie Biz babes and Bloggers for not only #mumlife inspo but if you are interested to see how other Instagram businesses run we will be the place to get all the goss! along side we have also started our very own hashtag #aussiebizbabes where you can find featured and soon to be featured Aussie Biz Babes in our Journal so be sure to click follow.

So without further or do our MARCH Journal is jam packed! discover all the newbies in store! jump over to Blueberry Co for your Freebie, Meet Adrianna from Mocked and get the latest Teething Tips from experts around the world.

Enjoy xxx


I want to introduce you to my friend Chloe! I first met chloe at BSFM ( Business school for Mums) and from my very first virtual meeting she instantly became someone I looked up to, not only for her epic biz skills but just an all rounder Mum and Woman. Chloe started her business Blueberry Co back in 2015 after the birth of her first daughter and since then it has been on the massive rise, designing one of a kind baby journals, they have expanded their range to cater all types of journaling.

In our March Journal Chloe has kindly given you all  FREE printable pack of milestone cards when you sign up and styling tips on creatives ways they can be used!

CLICK HERE to receive your FREE Milestone Cards




Fatlays are a super fun way to document your favourite baby outfit. Maybe its one of the outfits they wore home from the hospital or just your favourite combo. It's not just for brand reps and bloggers. It's a great way to document your growing child!
Baby Props 
That's right! You can use your baby as a photo prop!!  
It's much easier before your child moves (If you've ever tried to get a baby who can roll away to stay still you'll know what I'm talking about). Feet, hands and a nicely swaddled new baby, or even better a sleeping one make very cute photos next to their fav toys and milestone card!
Mum/Dad's hand
That's right! You can get involved too!! Is your kid too quick? Or they're sitting up now or crawling and you want your photo to reflect their new skills? Why not hold the card in the photo and get the right crazy chaotic context in the photo.
 And it doesn't just end there, be sure to head over to Chloe's website Blueberry Co and check out their amazing baby milestone books, not only for you but they make the most perfect baby shower gift. 




From one amazing business to another, I would like to introduce you to another amazing friend of mine Adrianna from Mocked who I have been lucky enough to of known for almost 2 years (almost the same amount of time Ive been in business). I first met Adrianna when I approached her for our 1000 followers giveaway on instagram! and we have been Insta Sistas ever since, Adrianna is a world of biz knowledge and the heart and soul she pours into her biz and family  combined is one to be truly admired. 


I have been lucky enough for Adrianna to share with us some insight into the world of Mocked and what also the future holds for this beautiful family owned business. Adrianna has also been so kind to give all our readers a one off discount so be sure to jump over to their site HERE and use code word THEJOURNAL for

 25% off STOREWIDE.



When and why did you start Mocked
Mocked had it’s humble beginnings in June of 2015, 8 months after my son, Jack, was born. Before having Jack I had no idea how much I wanted to be a stay at home mum. The desire to do just that - stay at home and share every memory with my little boy led me to create my small business, MOCKED. That, and I am a self-confessed shoeaholic which meant I was forever searching for the cutest pair of kicks for Jack to rock.
What does Mocked future hold?

Mocked has continued to grow ever since I decided to open in 2015. A few things have contributed to this including having my beautiful daughter Mia which inspired a wider girls range and the addition of a new timber wares laser cut range. Another influence which has allowed Mocked to go from strength to strength is the amazing bunch of other insta biz women I have met and formed amazing friendships with. In particular my insta sistas an amazing bunch of women who share everything together from business to our eventful personal lives. The future for Mocked is looking good a new product range is coming soon which might just see all those toddlers and older kiddies rocking something new.
Quote your biz runs by-

“They call us dreamers but we’re the ones who don’t sleep” - I read this quote once when I was up late one night pacing the kitchen floor with Jack when he was about 3 months old. This is what drove me to get thinking about creating a small business that would satisfy my inner creativity. No sleeping for this Mama and while I may always complain that I am tired I wouldn’t have it any other way.


A BIG thank you to Adrianna for taking the time to add to out very first Indera Journal with so much insight into her Business Mocked, don't forget to take advantage of their special discount above as its only limited for 7 days.

Next months Journal will be featuring Jemma from Middletree Co and their world of candles.




Top 4 FREE teething aids for Babies
We are forever buying our babies "stuff" some useful and some not so useful but today we are nailing all things FREE and what better place to start then our world of expertise. TEETHING.
Having two children myself I have also experienced the dreaded teething, its painful for not only your baby but for you when you feel absolutely helpless. Today I am going to share some awesome Mum hacks on 4 FREE teething aids.
1) Frozen Face washer. Yep its that easy! and If I can make a recommendation, try and find a face washer that is exactly like a towel! the more fluff the better. Rinse under the tap and place in the freezer for around 5-10 minutes as we won't  it to be completely freezing the face washer but just cold enough that its stiff. Hand to your Teething babe and watch the steam rise after extinguishing those fiery gums.
2) Frozen Bananas. Of course this will be when your baby has started solids and it may very well be a great introduction to the world of food. Find yourself a nice ripe banana and place it in the freezer skin and all. You want to leave it in for around the same time as the face washer so between 5-10 minutes to get a nice chill. Hand to your baby and watch them discover the new textures and tastes. Your baby already eating solids? peel the frozen banana and you have got yourself a very happy baby.
3) Gum Rub. Now this one may not be as fun for Mum and Dad or maybe you can palm this job off to the "favourite Aunty" haha but a nice clean chewable finger to rub down on the squeaky gums. Yep you are going to give your child a good ol gum rub and like a scratch behind the ear for a dog your babe will be asking for more.. and not in the way of words but a polite scream followed by a content relief when those gums are attended to.
4) Cold Spoon. It goes without saying that your baby is after both soft and hard  things to chew on and the cold spoon is great for also discovering smooth edges. I recommend placing the spoon in the FRIDGE only as we don't want to freeze the spoon. Place in the fridge for 5-10 minutes until chilled and give to your teething toddler. I suggest having your child in a heigh chair for this teething aid so your babe doesn't wonder off with the spoon but if your child is already eating solids maybe even adding some puree and let them feed themselves whilst chomping down on that nice cold spoon would be so much for them and their new found skill of holding a spoon.


Still have a grumpy babe wanting more? click HERE and check out the wide range of TEETHING TOYS we have available and guess what?! They are all great to chuck in the freezer too.





I have been one busy Mama this last month with can you believe 10 new products!! it almost seems crazy to bring out that many products at once right haha but I'm the go hard or go home kinda gal and after our most recent survey that over 100 of you took I had to start taking action on what you were all after. You wanted limited editions, you wanted shorter necklace designs and you wanted COLOUR and I always deliver.
You may of noticed we looooove  a good poll on our Instagram stories but for me its not just for entertainment, behind the scenes I am analysing what our tribe wants from us because really its YOU that makes my business run so I work very hard in trying to find out what you want most. Lets check out the New Indera.Beads range
 Well thats all from us for now but until next time be sure to join with over 600 like minded VIP's and join our Tribe subscription which you can find HERE 
Thank you to all the wonderful businesses involved with our first issue and If you are a local Australian business and would like to add to The Indera.Journal please contact us HERE as we are forever expanding and wanting to bring out bigger and better content for our amazing tribe.



  • Posted by Emma on

    Sounds so good! Love all of those ideas to help ease teething! Really enjoyed reading Bron xx

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    Love it Bronny!!! Loved getting to know these inspiring women who are so successfully juggling Motherhood and running a business. So impressive! Loved the teething tips too- as “favourite Aunty”, you’re officially on gum rub duties for our next baby haha xxx

  • Posted by Sharna on

    Really good read and looking forward to the next one xx

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