The Indera.Journal June edition 2018

Can you believe this is our 4th edition of the Indera.Journal?? with hundreds of eyes reading each edition it gives me such confidence that starting this small blog was such a good idea. Our July Edition is nothing short of amazing with 3 inspiring creative women giving us a taste of their business and lives.

Im so excited to introduce my friend Roxanne from @roxannecambridge! I was a long time follower of hers when I first started my business! Roxanne is a social media influencer with a mighty following, inspiring women around the world in all things Baby, Fitness and lifestyle offering healthy eating tips and work outs being just one my fave things about her account. Roxanne has answered 3 questions to give you a closer insight into her daily routines.
Roxanne - Indera.Journal #aussiebizbabes

Why is fitness so important to you?

Fitness is so important to me because it makes me feel so good! I seem to be more motivated in other aspects of my life, which helps me stay on top of so much I have going on. Not only does it make me feel good, and help with my productivity; I know it benefits my health. My body functions better and everything is a little brighter with after those endorphins are pumping.
Roxanne Indera.Journal #aussiebizbabes

After falling pregnant how did you change your fitness routine?

I was training 1/2 times a day, 6 days a week before I fell pregnant with my third. Pushing for new PB’s and heavy lifts, and a lot of metabolic conditioning. I currently have slowed down and exercise once a day for a minimum of 30 minutes. Either something to get my heart rate up a little (not too high!) or a little strength work. While exercising I make sure I don’t get too hot, dizzy or uncomfortable and if I feel like I need to slow down, I listen to my body and do so 😊

What are your top 3 pregnancy exercises and why?

Sumo squats - they are my go-to for legs, they work your entire lower body, to make them a little harder, add a resistance band or dumbbell/kettlebell
Shoulder press - Because I love to train shoulders, and the bump doesn’t get in the way 😉
Tricep dips - I use a bench and dip down until I almost touch the floor, these are awesome for toning your arms.
Roxanne indera.journal #aussiebizbabes

The lovely Ilona from Gus+Eli makes the most gorgeous wooden decor items, gifts and even teething toys! offering simplicity but practicality in every item.
I’ve been following Ilona’s journey on social media for quite some time now and she always amazes me with her creativity and style in her products and I know you will too.

Ilona indera.journal #aussiebizbabes
When and why did you start Gus+Eli?

After I fell pregnant with my son Eli in 2015 I was so excited to start decorating his nursery. So I jumped online to get some nursery decor inspiration and fell in love with the natural timber toys and Scandinavian look rooms. I also have a knack and love for woodworking thanks to my dad for letting me tinker around in his workshop when I was younger, so I though 'why not give it a go myself?'
I started off with plywood buntings and loved the look and making them so much that I turned my little hobby into a small home business. And it grew from there!

What does the future hold for Gus+Eli?

I just love my business and i'm always brainstorming for new ideas and products to add to my collection that not only look great sitting on the shelf but are also environmentally kind, educational, and fun!!
gus and eli indera.journal #aussiebizbabes

What’s your favourite Quote you run your business by?

"Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life"

And thats exactly what i'm doing!
I love Gus + Eli to bits!
I get to do something I love by working and creating with wood, stay at home and spend as much precious time with my son, and earn a little extra income! How lucky am I!
gus and eli indera.journal #aussiebizbabes

As a lot of ladies we have previously featured in our Indera.Journal I met Natalie through BSFM (Business School For Mums) and whilst interacting in the group myself and Natalie loved to bounce off each other and help where we could so I am so happy to feature Natalie in our Blog and show off her amazing business Natty designs! Natalie really is such a creative soul designing unique women’s jewellery pieces so be sure to head over to her social media account after.
Natalie indera.journal #aussiebizbabes

When and why did you start Natty Designs?

Natty Designs started life when I lived in the UK back in the early 2000's, making handmade cards and invitations for friends and family to make a little extra cash. Which soon turned into supplying a few small local outlets too. Then in 2006 I moved to Sydney following my then career path and my desire to travel.

It wasn't until I met my now hubby and we were planning our wedding back in 2011 that I rekindled my love of making again. After our first daughter was born in 2013 I started creating and soon after did my first market.

Over time my range has moved away from stationary and into jewellery, but still combines my love of papers and buttons with my interchangeable range. I decided to take the step from hobby to business not long after our second daughter was born as I knew going back to full time employment wasn't an option with high daycare fees and no family support. I didn't want my girls to only see us at breakfast and bedtime. So it was time to get out of my comfort zone put on my big girl pants, start learning & hustling to grow my brand.
natty designs indera.journal #aussiebizbabes

What does the future hold for Natty Desgins?

Moving into the future I have lots of new exciting things planned. From investing in new skill sets to improve my current range, new products and collaboration with some other fabulous biz ladies.

Whats your Favourite quote you run your business by?

Its hard to pick just one.. but a fav is "the best way to predict your future is to create it" - Abraham Lincoln.
natty designs indera.journal #aussiebizbabes

Like always I am blown away by the ladies I get to work with and be inspired by, I’m so lucky for this platform to be able to share so many amazing #aussiebizbabes.

Be sure to head over and check out all these amazing ladies social media accounts

Roxanne - @roxannecambridge

Ilona - @gusandeli

Natalie - @nattydesignsau

Next Edition is our SECOND BIRTHDAY Celebration with Gift, Giveaways and only 2 features, one being from ME!! and also a dear friend of mine who currently stands as Mrs India Australian 2018, Ms Congeniality 2018 AND Mrs Samoa Continents 2018!! my goodness I can’t wait for our July issue but until then leave comments below on what you thought about our June edition.

Thank you again for reading and have an amazing day xxx

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