The Indera.Journal April 2018


 With our very first Indera.Journal launching only last month we have set out to make our Journal grow and grow each time.

With hundreds of thousands of Instagram accounts active its hard to filter through to find exactly what you are looking for! what works? what doesn't work? whats quality and what isn't. I have designed this Blog to be that space you can trust, a place where you know from recommendation.

Im the kinda of gal who LOVES to brag about brands and products! if you've met me personally you would know just how much of a preacher I am when it comes to the things and people I love. I don't know if you've seen that movie The Joneses where they are paid to subconsciously sell to new communities with the newest products on the market haha well that could possibly be me BUT the only difference is I'm not being paid and I genuinely LOVE these brands because without any recommendation I've gone out and purchased them myself.

Since being in business coming up to 2 years in July (still a baby I know) Ive come to realise how important supporting local is, Its what feeds and what puts a roof over very hard working families, it allows Mothers like myself to stay at home with their children and not have to worry if they get sick at school and have an angry boss cause I had to go home for the rest of the day. So when deciding to start the Indera.Journal I thought that this is a great opportunity to show off all the things I preach about and hopefully support local Aussie businesses with referral.

So now that I've blabbered on lets me introduce 3 of my fave businesses at the moment.

You will see a common trend with a lot of our #aussiebizbabes and that is a lot have gone through the BSFM (Business school for Mums) course like myself. I thought what better place to start with the features today then with Anna and Flori founders of Business School for Mums.

business school for mums

1. When and why did you start BSFM?

- Anna and I were introduced to each other via a mutual friend and client (amen!) and it was pretty much business love at first sight! We quickly realised that we had what each other was missing in terms of skill set yet that we shared a hugely similar drive and desire to want more for ourselves;
- We both knew we wanted to create home based businesses around our families and to be there for our kiddos... that there was no going back to corporate for us – and come hell or high water we were going to create life on our terms;
- And we are doing just that – and we cannot even start to scrape the surface on the level of pride and fulfillment we have. And if we’ve done this – can we just say ... all business mums can do this too, as 100's (almost 1000s now!) of our student sisters have to date.

- We commenced BSFM in October of 2015

bsfm flori

2. What does BSFMs future hold?

- We're implementing a complete new way of supporting and coaching our students so that we can hold them accountable on an entire new and deeper level;

- We want nothing more for our students than to see them succeed & get RESULTS! And this has absolutely been the key driver to changing our business model so that we can be there for our students at every single step, 24/7;

- We'll be revealing more around this shortly on our social and website so #watchthisspace ;)

bsfm anna

3. Favourite quote your business runs by.

- Oh gosh... there's certainly a few but one of our default faves has to be "It's not a race; it's a marathon" and you gotta just "Keep on keepin'" (and sorry!) But I have to squeeze in a famous 'Anna-ism'... "The ducks never line up #tootrue


Now that you've met the ladies from BSFM how about you join me for their




bsfm mindset challenge


To lead on from Anna and Flori from BSFM, I was lucky enough in my course to meet the lovely Renee Tilley.

Renee Tilley is the creator and owner of Paudha Healing, An amazing natural skin care range that I can say confidently I use everyday with my personal favourite being the Cleansing oil ( Seriously ladies get yourself one! ). Below Renee has been so lovely to join our Indera.Journal Journey and answer a few questions from us and what her biz is all about.

RENEE TILLEY paudah healing

1. When and why did you start Paudha Healing?

I never set out to create a skincare business, it kind of just evolved! I'm part-way through my degree in naturopathy and it was while studying herbal medicine, that I fell in love with herbal manufacturing and started to experiment with using herbs and natural ingredients, to create my own skincare. I was giving my products to friends, family and work colleagues to try and I was amazed at the feedback and results, especially with those with sensitive skin. A work colleague was suffering from eczema and struggled to find a cream that helped ease her symptoms. She had great results with the Calendula & Chickweed cream and continues to use it to this day. So,I continued to research and develop and in April 2016, with the help of my very handy hubby, I launched my first website and Paudha Healing was born! The business has continued to evolve since that time and we just launched our brand new website, which I'm so excited about!

paudha healing bottle

2. What does Paudha Healing future hold?

So much happening behind the scenes at Paudha Healing HQ right now!! I have three new products currently in the development/testing phase and plans for more! I also hope to launch a blog later this year where I can share tips on keeping your skin in top condition, from inside to out.

paudha healing

2. Whats your fave biz quote?

There are so many great quotes I live by but this one has definitely helped me move forward with the business! "Opportunities don't happen. You create them." Chris Grosser.


Our last but certainly not least Aussie Biz Babe for this months Journal is Jemma from The Middletree Co.

I first met Jemma when I was scrolling through the hashtag #soycandle in search for an Aussie business to source 2 candles for our Mother of the Month edition, Once we got talking it pretty much hasn't stopped since and myself and Jemma talk DAILY through Instagram. Jemma is not only a wealth of Biz knowledge but I can hands down say she makes the best candles I have ever used before. Im not kidding I think I've done over 6 orders now in 12 months so if you do decide to get a candle from this amazing local business may I suggest the Daisy scent!! its incredible and my go to scent.
You will see in our Journal I have set out the same 3 questions for everyone. Reason for that is I chose these questions because its mainly what I would want to know about a business straight away and now being in the biz world myself it intrigues me even more to know their biz quote they run by, So with out further or do here is Jemma from Middletree Co.

jemma middletree co

1. When and why did you start The Middletree Co?

I started Middletree in 2014 after the birth of my son Ollie. It was initially to keep my mind busy and incorporate some adult interaction into my day of breastfeeding and nappy changing, but it’s become so much more. It’s now about connecting with other women who also lead such busy and demanding lives, and creating something as simple as a candle that can provide just a little bit of “me time” in their everyday

middletree co candles

middletree co candles

2. What does The Middletree Co future hold?
Along with babe #3 joining the team, lots of upcoming collaborations, a couple of new product offerings and the launch of a blog!

2. What is your favourite biz quote?
“You can’t do epic shit with basic people. Find your tribe and love them hard”

middle tree quote

A massive thank you to all of our featured #aussiebizbabes! If you have a Australian small biz and would like to be featured in our Monthly Blog -The Indera.Journal- be sure to start using the hashtag #aussiebizbabes of your Instagram posts to be seen.
Did you get the chance to check our most recent photo shoot?? below is a series of shots taken at our "Mum's meet up" Our photo shoot held at the amazing Two Point  OH cafe in Maroochydore ( If you are a Sunny Coast local be sure to visit and get the Elderflower Lemonade- AMAZING!).
Along side 2 AMAZING Photographers Danielle from Danielle King Photography 
and Claudia from Claudia Jean Photography I was in my absolute element getting up close and personal with all 5 of our Mummy models and babes on the day.

indera.beads photography crew
It really couldn't of gone any better and it makes me wonder how ill ever be able to pull off such an epic day again haha. My goal for our shoot was to be as natural as possible, having very young babes crawling and waddling around you can't have too much of an expectation because lets be honest they are the boss right! So when getting a feel for what Id been envisioning for the last 12 months (no joke I've been dreaming of this shoot for a year!) I wanted soft neutral tones, white backgrounds and just a relaxed coffee date with friends and their babies and you know what... everything was PERFECT and exactly what I had been envisioning plus more.
I want to make special mention to the Brands and Models that came on board for the day with styling our littlest models from head to toe but also the amazing Mums and Bubs for being absolutely amazing on the day! below I've tagged them all in so be sure to head over to their Instgram accounts and hit Follow as they are my fave go to Brands and Camera/blogger Mums to follow -
Mocs - Mocked
Floral Rompers - Milk Threads
Full Grey Rompers - The Kindred Kind

        indera.beads photoshoot. teething toy

         indera.beads photoshoot. nursing necklace

          indera.beads photoshoot. little lady range




Don't forget to Follow the Instagram hashtag #aussiebizbabes to see the businesses that are and will be featured in out Indera.Journal BLOG.


Are you and #aussiebizbabe ?? start using the hashtag in your Instgram stories and posts and you could have your business featured right here!!


Thank you and see you next month for our MOTHERS DAY Edition xxx


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