Mother of the Month- November edition.

Introducing Indera.Beads November -


 Helen was nominated by a friend who expressed how much of a super Mum Helen is. I was left with goosebumps and this is why-
"I would love to nominate Helen. Helen has two little ones - George and Tilly. Helen and I were brought together by breast feeding class, our spouses and our two little dudes who were born a couple of hours apart, two doors down from each other. Helen's little guy George has Cerebral Palsy and most recently diagnosed with Autism and like me, Helen has none of her side of the family here to support her with her kids. But boy - can this woman overcome and show tremendous love ❤. She works tirelessly to give George the best possible help with every aspect of his development, she's an absolute pillar of strength under circumstances that are relentlessly challenging and through it all she smiles and laughs and loves the pants off her two babies. I am in awe of this mighty woman, this Queen." - Kiki
To say I was blown away by Helens nomination is an understatement and I will admit after seeing this picture it brought a tear to my eye. Helen you are such an amazing selfless Mother and you should be so proud of your beautiful family you created. I hope this gift shows you how much people admire all the hard work you do that will never go unnoticed. You are one strong loving woman that deserves to be praised for all the hard work you do. Here is a peek into who Helen is-


How many children?
We have two children. A one year old girl and a three year old boy. Our son had complications at birth and as a result has Cerebral Palsy & Autism Spectrum Disorder.

What's the best advice you have been given or given to someone?
It's a quote: "We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand". Randy Pausch.
This is a good reminder that no matters what, we can handle anything that is thrown at us.

What's one of your goals this year?
My latest goals are all based on finding new alternative and innovative therapies that can help our son with his CP and ASD and raising the funds to do so.

What is one weakness and one strength of yours?
My weakness is time. Often late and never enough hours in the day but I guess that's true for a lot of busy mum's.
A strength of mine would have to be patience. You gain a whole new kinda patience when you become a mum but even more so dealing with the extra challenges of supporting a child with special needs.

What are you passionate about?
I'm a wannabe artist. Love painting or being creative in any way possible (when I get a spare chance).

Best Mummy moment?
Nothing is taken for granted in our house but a first step is probably the best feeling a mummy can have.
Thank you to everyone that nominated on our November edition. What an amazing response! we just love seeing women supporting women! Helen was gifted a special pack valued at $400 from 8 Australian businesses and Indera.Beads as a way of saying thank you for being so awesome!

Do you know an amazing Mum that deserves to be recognised? nominations open again on December 1st and you don't want to miss this one! We have once again got something special up our sleeve and we can't wait to share it with you.

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