MOTHER OF THE MONTH- January edition

Mother of the Month-
Kerison was nominated by her dear friend Jody for the hard working mother and inspirational woman she is, This is what she had to say.
Hi I would like to nominate for Mother of the Month.
I would like to nominate my most gorgeous friend keirson.. why you ask ?? Because I am in awe of her every single day. Keirson has been my friend since our boys(her eldest, my youngest) met in prep at school over 11 years ago. My gosh I can't believe it has been that long. Keirson is 10 years younger than me and she always says I am the sister she never had, and I feel the same.
But the last 2 years her Dad got sick with Mesothelioma -a rare cancer of the lungs caused by aspestos handling. Then when dealing with that she had an abnormal skin condition on her nipple, she went to the dr and was told it was just skin irritation, but alas no after more tests she had breast cancer. A piece of my heart died. She battled through not willing to tell her ailing Dad and her Mum, or even her friends!! She eventually told her close circle of friends (by text cause she could not face each of us)
We rallied talked , discussed waitied on tender hooks for prognosis. She carried on she runs a business with her husband, took kids to school, took her Dad to countless appointments all over. After her Dad was given up to 18 months to live she had to deal with that and the fact that she also had cancer. After telling her parents , which in itself is heartbreaking . She was upbeat trying to keep it together for everyone around her. She had surgery had some of her breast removed . Eventually after 6months to the day of his Prognosis Ken passed away. It was an awful day that will be etched in my mind forever and anyone who knew him was devasted. Keirson had started her very aggressive chemotherapy. After her first couple of treatments she felt not to bad but 2 days before her dads memorial she hit the bottom and was hospitalised. We were devasted as her dr said she wouldn't be able to go if she didn't get some fluids etc in her.
She msgd me the day before the memorial bring in the hair clippers my hair is falling out in lumps( luckily we had shopped for a wig as a tribe along with her 10 year old daughter many weeks before she started chemo)
I went in clippers in hand and removed her beautiful blonde below the shoulder mane of hair. We cried we laughed and took selfies.
She went to the memorial spoke so beautifully along with her brother and gorgeous children. Then was promptly taken back to the hospital .
Now she endured 6 months of chemo all the while just trying to get up each and everyday and get on with it. I can honestly say I think there may be only a handful of times that she actually couldn't get out of bed. She got up everyday to get kids ready for school and make sure they had breakfast and had lunch.
We rallied as her tribe made meals cleaned house washed clothes and ran kids around. Comforting her mother all the time through her own ordeal. I forgot to mention while all this is going on Keirson and her husband Graham were building their dream home. So she went and picked tilescarpets vanities etc. such a super woman.
Eventually as they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. She finished chemo had her 40th birthday with no celebration(we are having a 40 +1 this year ! ) she went through many firsts without her best friend her Dad his 65th birthday, kids birthdays and now Xmas and new year. She got through 12 weeks of radiation with horrible burns and is now on the mend. When hopefully we can celebrate no cancer .... but things are looking up.
But while she went through all of this she had to push those horrible emotions of loss for her Dad and while she is dealing with it at the moment it is so hard . She has moved into her new house and starting a fresh.
I dont think i would be standing if i had lost my dad battled breast cancer built a house and run a business all in ONE YEAR !!!
I just want her to know what an inspiration she is to everyone around her....... she knows it most of the time but I want her to be appreciated by people outside her village and her close guarded circle of friends.
And I just want to brighten her day. And this beautiful gift would just be a reminder of how special she is. And that she is always loved 💗
Thank you for doing this amazing support of women, I don't think we do it enough.
#whorunstheworld #girls #womensupportingwomen #kickcancersbutt #wegotthis
Kind Regards,
Jody xx

To say we were all blown away by this nomination is an understatement and knew straight away that Keirson would be our Mother of the Month for January.
Here is a peek into who Keirson is.
Keirson Dewitt

How many children?
2 gorgeous tiddlypeeps
James 17 & Ella 11

What's the best advice you have been given or given to someone?
My mum has always said "things always have a way of working out" ...she is right of course and it is something i tell myself & others all the time however my number one fave quote/advice and something i have truly realised over the last few years is "all you need is love" ❤️

What's one of your goals this year?
Be more present & mindful..after 12 months of treatment for breast cancer and losing my Dad i just want to get back to living a life that matters.

What is one weakness and one strength of yours?
My definite weakness is being on time, i am always late! I think positivity is the key and being positive is my strength along with trying to be everything to everyone (like most mums).

What are you passionate about?
My family & friends above everything!

What is your most treasured memory?
The last 12 months with my Dad, we were blessed to spend a lot of time together, just the 2 of us and I treasure those moments.

Best Mummy moment?
Seeing both my children speak about their Poppy at his memorial last January. They both asked on seperate occasions to speak and that surprised me somewhat, they both wrote their own speeches, I hadn't heard either and on the day they blew me away with what they wrote and how proudly they spoke about their adored Poppy..i was so incredibly proud of them and the love and respect that they had for my Dad who adored them both. I knew at that moment that despite all the doubts we have have on daily basis as mothers i have done something right ☺️

A special note to Jody and Karla- when answering your question about my strengths and weaknesses I really contemplated putting them down as my strength, I couldn't do life without them, they are both the most incredible women & mothers and above all the very best friends. I am so proud of them both, I admire them and love them with all my heart, my world is a better place and I am a better person because of them. Also my Mum, the most wonderful, unconditional and caring person I know, I can only hope to be half the mother that she is, she is my true hero! 👭💕
Thank you so much Keirson for being the most amazing Mother, Friend and Daughter. Its because of you that we can all strive to do better and that is such a gift to have.
As being part of our Mother of the Month we always have a special gift pack to show you how much we appreciate your kind, strong and wonderful ways.
I want to thank all the Australian small businesses that helped put this amazing gift pack together and Keirson I hope you enjoy pampering yourself with all these amazing gifts.
Indera.Beads - $100 Gift voucher.
Topknot Girl - $20 Gift voucher.
Nellie & the Cat - Coffee Mug.
Locks by Lucy - Luxe hair mask.
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Post next week to follow on about the amazing businesses and gifts involved for our January Mother of the Month edition.

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