Mother of the Moment - Mothers Day special edition.

Mother of the Moment

Mothers Day Special

~ Stacey Small~

Every month we have celebrated Mothers for the hard work they do but after our 7th edition we decided to up the notch and make it a quarterly segment and include double the amount of sponsors! We have been so blown away at our Mothers Day special Mother of the Moment, the nominations, the sponsors and the true #womensupportingwomen we have witnessed yet again with this amazing segment so from the bottom of my heart thank you! this has all be possible with the help of everyone involved.
Stacey Small was nominated by her dear friend Stacey to be recognise for how much of a super Mum she is!! Wow what an amazing Woman Stacey is, Here is a peek into who Stacey is and why she has been chosen to be Indera.Beads Mother of the Moment.
~The Nomination~
I wish to nominate my beautiful bestie Stacey Small. This amazing woman for so many years has been my rock. She's always there for me whenever I need her and many a times she's gone out of her way to give me a pick me up. She's a mum to 3 beautiful children and is currently studying to become a midwife. As well as looking after a household, she goes to uni, takes her kids to swimming and dancing lessons, amongst other things. This wonderful woman always puts everyone before herself and she deserves the world. The patience and love that she shows her children is beyond amazing and I've never known a better mother. I only hope that I can even live up to half the mother she is, because if I do, I'll be doing pretty darn well. She's the best "Aunty" and Godmother my children could ever have and if anything ever happened to my husband and I, there's no one else I'd rather have raise my children. We love you B2 xx
Stacey Small 
How many children?
3- 2 little girls who are 8 & 1, and my little man who is 2.
What's the best advice you have been given or given to someone?
The best advice I have ever been given was given to me by my Uncle. He told me not to put my expectations onto other people. In other words, just because I would do a certain thing in a situation doesn't mean I should expect them too. It's been the best advice because it's allowed me to develop all sorts of relationships with people and I have been able to so freely and easily accept people for who they are, no matter how diverse that is from me. 
What's one of your goals this year?
To survive university, definitely. Juggling the kids and my nursing studies can have me pulling my hair out some days, but thankfully I love what I am learning and that helps to keep me going. 
What is one weakness and one strength of yours?
One weakness would have to be my love for good food and wine. 
My strength would be my love. My love for my kids, my family and my life. 
What are you passionate about?
Being kind. I am a big advocate for kindness. 
What is your most treasured memory?
I have so many special memories but my favourite at the moment would be of visiting my Poppy and him being so proud when I arrive because he had made me some fresh bread (and always gave me the crust). Those days were so special, just spending time together and listening to his jokes and my Nans stories. He passed away last year and I miss him immensely. 
Best Mummy moment?
Every single day when I see my babies playing together. There is nothing quite as amazing as the bond between siblings and it makes my heart explode every time I see my kids together. There is just nothing that seems to compare for me. And of course all the special hugs I get from them everyday. I am so lucky to have three snuggly kids
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One last time -  Thank you to everyone involved! its because of people like you that we can celebrate women all around the world!
Do you want to become a sponsor of our next quarterly segment? please use the "contact us" tab on the main page, we would love for this segment to be forever expanding so until then HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TRIBE 
Bronwyn - Indera.Beads Creator/Designer


  • Posted by James Small on

    My beautiful wife and mother of our 3 wonderful children! You deserve nothing less! You’re so caring and such a beautiful person, we love you immensely! So proud of everything you achieve and the amazing person you are, blessed to have you in my life as my wife xx

  • Posted by Beverley Butteriss on

    I am Staceys Nanny stacey would have to be the most patient caring wonderful Mummy to her three amazing children.I have said for the past 8 years that she is an excellent Mother ad wife to her wonderful husband.Stacey you are one beautiful person and you deserve this award congratulaions.

  • Posted by Donna Baker on

    I am Staceys mum. Stacey is my only daughter and it is often joked about her being the favorite out of her and her two brothers. To watch Stacey grow into the beautiful person she is has been one of my most proudest achievements of being a mum of a daughter. She has the biggest heart and is always one of the first to put her hand up to help her friends and family. To have extras in her house to visit or to mind the extra child or two or feed an extra 8 people is never any trouble for her, it just fits into her stride of life. Stacey is studying to be a nurse and a midwife and she will be a blessing to the profession when qualified because her heart and love for the caring of others is amazing. The love and patience she shows for her family makes her so deserving of this prize and the fact that she feels that there are others that are more deserving shows me how much she really deserves to be recognised for the fantastic job she is doing. Your a beautiful mum and daughter and I wish you a very happy mothers day. Love you ????

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