The Indera.Journal with Megan Wills Photography.

Are you a new Mum and you are just busting to get a family portrait done? Then this blog post is for YOU.

I had the pleasure of meeting Megan through Instagram and instantly hit it off! we've even been able to catch up over coffee at a local event and Megan is even more beautiful in person then through the gram.

I just knew I needed Megan to join our Indera.Journal to talk all things photography because at least once in our lives we get professional images done whether that be for family, business or just personal.

So without further or do, this is Megan! Mum, #aussiebizbabe of Megan Wills Photography  and all round amazing Woman that I'm so happy to have apart of our journal.




What made you decide to open your own business? 

I’d toyed with the idea of having my own business/es for a long time, but always took the ‘safe’ option of being an employee.
Having a family of my own allowed my perspective to shift and suddenly, being my own boss was a no brainer.

What helps you prepare for the week with a busy business and family?

It is so simple it’s boring. On a Sunday night I sit down and plan out my week ahead. I’ve gone back to using a paper diary with a week to a layout so I can see my whole week at a glance.
I also use some energy cards to set my intention for the week.
I also have a weekly planner whiteboard on the fridge to keep track of the kids, meals and the ‘life admin’ that needs to be done.

For business I use a Customer Relationship Management software program (Studio Ninja), and I’ve just started using Trello too.

How has becoming a Mother change the way you work?

It has not only changed the way, but also the ‘why’. 

Having my own family certainly ignited a true interest in pregnancy and babies. Now having businesses that focus on this is really satisfying.

Becoming a parent definitely changes the way you prioritise life and work. My children come first, they have too. But that doesn’t mean my businesses suffer as a result of this. My businesses are structured so I can fit it around the kids and their needs. My husband works away too, so this adds an extra element of juggling.

Why photography?

I’d been photographing horses for a while. After my daughter was born I saw a real opportunity to pursue the portrait aspect of photography and turn it into a business for myself.
I really enjoying photography being a combination of creativity and technicality. But photography is the easy part. Running a business is a far greater challenge, but one that I really enjoy.

What’s your top 5 tips for new parents to have for a newborn shoot?

1. Book while you’re pregnant. Newborns are best photographed in the first 2 weeks and most good photographers book out in advance, so pleased don’t leave it until you’ve settled in at home with your new little love.

2. Book a professional. Simple. They are insured, vaccinated, registered businesses, with a superior knowledge of handling infants for photo sessions. The safety of your baby needs to come first.

3. Book someone that suits your style. There are lots of photographers, and we have vastly different shooting styles. This is awesome as we can all express our own creativity and have clients that love our work.
4. Relax. Seriously, use the opportunity to chill out in the studio during your session. Sit back and take in all the gloriousness of your new baby.

5. Print your photos! Please don’t let your beautiful images sit on a USB in a draw. Print them, look at them every day, pass them down to your children.


What’s the most popular style of Maternity shoots and why do you think they are?

I’m actually seeing 2 trends in my own clients at the moment. Trend 1 is for classic portraiture: beautifully posed and edited images that showcase your magnificent bump. Usually women are photographed on their own.
Women love these sessions as they feel so empowered and beautiful with the life they are growing.

Trend 2 is more storytelling and includes the other family members. These have minimal posing or staging, full of emotion and love (and the beautiful chaos and wild that comes with older children). Women love these sessions as they transport you back in time to those incredible moments.

Why do you think it’s important to have professional photos done?

You need to exist in photos. If not for yourself, do it for your family. Mums are always behind the camera. Invest in photos you will adore and create that legacy for your children.

Who inspires you?
There are LOTS of influential and famous people across many areas of life and business I draw inspiration from.

But it is the women that I connect with regularly (whether that is online or in person) who truly inspire me every day.
These women inspire, encourage and motivate me to make incremental, sustainable, positive change.
They are a beacon for mindset, self care, and business growth.

Lucy from Business2ic @lucy_bloomfield
Nat from Sunshine Coast Baby @sunshinecoastbaby
Jessica Gray, Wellness coach @heyjessicagray (formerly @jessicagraywellness)
and totally not blowing smoke, the effervescent Bron from @everday.fifo.wife

For me, it has cemented how important it is to surround yourself with people who uplift. 

What’s your favourite quote.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw.



Wow! I mean isn't Megan just incredible with so much value to give. If you've found this blog helpful please share on Facebook with your friends and family to give them tips for their next family photo.

Until our next #aussiebizbabes Indera.Journal I hope you've enjoyed this edition and I look forward to posting our next blog over the coming weeks.

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