Mother of the Month- October edition

Introducing Indera.Beads October MOTHER OF THE MONTH


Brooke was nominated by a friend to be recognised for the great Mum and friend she is! I couldn't be more happy for Brooke to be our October edition Mother of the Month! This hard working Mum has 6 children and still finds time to be there for her friends and family. Her nomination was so touching and caught my attention when I read Brooke has 6 children! I loved it so much when her friend called Brooke 'Wonder Woman at its finest' and I couldn't agree more. What and amazing achievement Brooke to have 6 beautiful healthy children! Congratulations again and a massive well done for being such an awesome Mum that deserves to be recognised. Here is an insight into who Brooke is.

Name? Brooke

How many children? 6

What's the best advice you have been given or given to someone?
As a new mother especially, people will give you all kinds of different parenting "advice" (& they will give it to you whether you want it or not!) but don't feel pressured into listening to it all. Only do what feels right to you & trust your instincts as a mother.

What's one of your goals this year?
To implement new routines for our family to help make the transition to school/high school easier next year.

What is one weakness and one strength of yours?
One of my strengths is also a weakness. I love to help people & I will happily put others needs before my own, but I tend to over-commit myself & end up overwhelmed because I struggle saying no to people when I need to. I've been working on it though!

What are you passionate about?
My family. My husband & kids are my world.

What is your most treasured memory?
Watching my husband hold my oldest as a baby so that she could see the fireworks, & seeing in that moment just how much he loved her.

Best Mummy moment?
Listening to my children laugh together. Nothing beats that sound!

Thank you to everyone that nominated on our October edition. What an amazing response! we just love seeing women supporting women! Brooke was gifted a $30 voucher to spend at Indera.Beads as a way of saying thank you for being so awesome!

Do you know an amazing Mum that deserves to be recognised? nominations open again on November 1st and you don't want to miss this one! we are expanding and have welcomed a bunch of new businesses that have kindly donated gifts for our November Mum! make sure you tune in Nov 1st to be apart of something big.

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